Each job site presents it's own set of complexity and uniqueness, not only due to the variations in actual items being photographed/filmed but also due to surrounding airspace, weather, distance from our home location, and time of day for lighting options.

Some locations require us to obtain FAA clearance to operate in the airspace above, and when combined with weather and schedule changes it sometimes takes a few business days for us to get a good flight window.

The cost associated with all the prep work depends entirely on your unique case.

Considering the above, once on location our basic pricing starts at the following:

  • 1 to 20 still photos                $225  
  • 1 to 2-minute video               $325 
  • Stills and videos combined       $425
  • 3D model                              $120  *only available as an addition to any service above*

We have the digital capability of shooting over 15 minutes of 4k video in a single flight, and we are able to spend a full day on site - logging a few hours of air time if necessary.

Our full-day rate starts at $2000.

We consider any site within 30 miles of our home base (48068 zip code) as local. For travel to any photo site "not local in nature", we charge at a rate of $1 per driven mile beyond the 30-mile ring. This includes the return drive distance. 

Our video editing costs depend entirely on your requirements, or we can gladly provide the un-edited footage on a memory card, USB drive or a CD.

We are able to provide photographs in either digital form or framed, mounted, printed on posters, canvas...etc.

Tell us about your unique project, we are here to help!