KK Aerial Solutions offers photo and video packages for: real estate, commercial and movie production, action and extreme sports, agricultural mapping, construction sites and progress, automobile dealerships, golf courses, sporting events, commercial and residential, roofing contractors, land development and survey, accident and insurance investigation, and much more.


Are you:

  • A news or media outlet that needs an aerial shot and the helicopter is not available or not in the budget?  

Give us a call!                 

  • A city municipality, law enforcement agency or a fire department?      

We can provide a "birds eye view" for multiple applications!

  • A real estate agent or a broker looking to take your listings to another level?

Consider this: a photograph of your customer's dock will never give your audience a unique perspective on the dock. But how about seeing that dock from 100ft in the air? Think about the neighborhood, property lines, and the surrounding nature that adds so much value to the property but often forgotten. With KK Aerial Solutions, all of these become a reality. We can provide anything from images to a complete video tour of the grounds that is voiced and ready for youtube or listing site upload.

  • A land developer? 

We can provide 360-degree aerial video views at different height increments to simulate what the view would look like from a proposed highrise building.

  • An automobile dealership or business owner looking to advertise?

We can provide high-quality images of your business, ranging from a close-up from a unique angle to a high flying neighborhood view. We can provide video filmed in amazing 4K definition, either raw for your use or fully edited and voiced to your specifications.

  • A construction company?

We can help you benefit from documenting sites from the air, as well as before, during, and after progress photos.

  • A boat broker, marine dealer or advertising company?

We can provide a 360-degree video and images of your vessel, while anchored or under way on open water. Previously this could only have been done with the use of a helicopter or a chase boat with special rigging.

  • A golf course owner or operator?

We are able to provide footage that is perfect for websites, or a great option for members and guests - as "on the tee" fly overs are perfect for smart phones.  

Whether you are looking for just a great photo of the signature hole to update your office photo or looking to update your website or scorecard, we can help!  

We can also shoot complete "tee to green" videos in amazing 4k quality, creating an excellent promotional tool or pro shop running video.  

  • A seller, collector, or just someone looking for a unique, high-quality images and/or video of your boat, automobile, home, plot of land, or almost anything else imaginable?

We can provide images that otherwise are only achievable from carefully staged vantage points, and taken from elevated locations such as crane booms and lifts. 

  • Are you interested in inspecting your roof, tower, smoke stack or any high area without the danger and expense of having someone physically climb high to simply "take a look"?

Our drone is capable of pinpointing potential issues with an incredible ease of a quick fly-over of the area in question. As a customer, you would have an instant image and video data to provide to a contractor for an accurate quote, or to an insurance company for a settlement. 


Take a look at some examples of our work:

We are able to provide Thermal Imaging services and inspections! For more information, please click